Monster Dice Bags

Yeti redesigned to Gami style
Our Gami - Mix 'n Match Monster Dice Bags are available in a wide variety of colors, which we are constantly expanding.  

Go to their page for details and pricing.
Our classic Gameling Monster Dice Bags come in two styles. Visit their page for more info and pricing.  

Convention Merchandise!

Our Kawaii purses and Custom Crocheted Keepsakes are now available online!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 

Limited Edition/ Sale/Inventory Items

We will offer limited edition, current inventory, and sale items HERE.  These items may have different fur, different eyes, different mouths, be new seasonal colors, or be something completely new that we are testing. These are limited IN STOCK items, meaning they cannot be custom ordered and are on a first come, first serve basis. Once they sell out, they are gone. If you see something in this section that you really love, tell us! If we have enough feedback about something that was limited, we may make a variation of it available in the future.