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About Us

What is Important to Us.

We hand craft our dice bags, our purses, and everything on our site.  They are made by Emily, Amanda, or Emily and Amanda together.  Every creation is made with love, passion for our craft, and excitement knowing that it will bring someone joy. 

We try to buy as many of our materials locally in Denmark as we can.  You can ask us about a product or see it noted on our Current Inventory item descriptions if materials are from Denmark. 

Our Origin Story

Amanda (left) and Emily (right) met randomly in 2013 at the Tivoli amusement park and we have been friends ever since. We joined a crocheting club together and our families are both pretty active in playing board games.  In 2015, Amanda saw a monster dice bag idea floating around Facebook and thought "OMG, I NEED ONE FOR D&D!!"  Emily took the initiave to try to make one and then after uniting to brainstorm the design together, we created our first Gameling dice bag which then started the adventure that became Eccentricity. 


We LOVE crafting.  We love working together and creating together. 

Emily is an extremely talented artist, whether it be crocheting, knitting, painting, or cake decorating.  Amanda is great at creating designs and working in 3D (even though she doesn't even know how to sew!) as well as coordinating, marketing, and talking with customers.  We have different strengths and because of that, we bring out the best in each other when working together.