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About Us

Its always so awkward talking about yourself but we know you must be a little interested, otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on the link to bring you here.  
It all started one random day, back in August of 2015, when Amanda came across a monster bag and messaged her friend Emily, saying they should make monster bags of their own and asking her to teach her to sew.   As most game players have seen, the monster dice bag has been made time and time again - it is certainly not a new idea if you check online.  Emily, being the hands-on craftier of the two, mocked up an initial design for a monster dice bag. From that, we worked together through quite a few ideas to make it uniquely ours.  After tackling the dice bagss, we moved on to other monstery creations.  

One thing we have going for our dynamic duo is passion and a lot of creativity.  We have enough ideas to last a lifetime!  In time though, we will release all our creativity (eccentricity) into the world. 
Emily Emily is the superwoman of her friends, often juggling crocheting, baking, and sewing projects simultaneously - 'putting the rest of us to shame' as her friends jokingly tell her. She lives to play cook and hostess for get-togethers at her place, loves Eurovision, and is always looking for a good excuse to throw a costume party. Emily is originally from Pennsylvania in the United States and has two incredible children and two naughty kitties. She and her family relocated to Denmark in 2008, where she has made a new livelihood creating elaborate cakes as well as her own line of crocheted stuffed lions, SNOIL. She speaks English and enough Danish to hang with her son's friends, and while she has no desire to take over the world, she has every intention to see as much of it as she can.
Amanda and Hubby Amanda is the gaming addict of the two. She can be found at her local game shop almst every Wednesday. You may have seen her game reviews on where she is known as 'Katte' and you can follow her occasional gaming posts on Twitter. She is originally from Oregon in the United States, and attended college at Valpariaso University in Indiana, where she studied Graphic Design. After college, she and her husband lived in North Carolina where she worked in Property Management and Marketing. She loves her husband, her playstation, her computer, and her board game collection.  She and her husband relocated to Denmark in 2011.  She speaks English and very poor Danish.  She is determined to learn though, so be patient if you see badly written Danish in the near future.