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Showcased for the first time at INSP! Julemarked, these Beastlies are just plain awesome.  We will post our unique Beastlie creations from the Julemarked in the Limited Section.  See details below to order a custom bag.  
Custom Orders:    
Medium (shown above) 1.520 DKK  
Large 2.000 DKK   
Extra Large (shown below) 2.400 DKK  

Fur for Beastlies:  
When you contact us please tell us if you have a time frame or date that you need the bag by.  We have 4 solid furs (white silky, gray shaggy, brown shaggy, and black shaggy) that are available locally to us but we can import a variety of other colors.  If you have a color family in mind, please let us know and we will get back to you with a number of options.  
We will automatically use 30mm eyes (unless you request smaller), please specify what color you would like.  
30mm Red Eyes 30mm Yellow/Gold Eyes 30mm Blue Eyes 30mm Brown Eyes
We try to use a canvas type of fabric, reinforced with interfacing.  The type of fabric will depend on color/pattern you select from the options given.  Cotton with heavy interfacing is quite sufficient for average use.  All edges will be double-stiched to ensure the bag is secure.