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Limited Edition and Sale Items

We will occasionally offer unique or sale items here.  They may have different fur, different eyes, different mouths, or may be something completely different and new that we are testing.  We may make only one in that style, or perhaps a batch of 10, or we may offer a unique or limited style for a short period based on the season.  Either way, this is where to check back to see what is new and limited. These are first come, first serve. As Current Inventory, these cannot be ordered if we run out - so be quick if you really want something!
Medium Tall Beastlies Bag (Silky White, Long Pile)

We have one medium tall pre-made Beastlies Bag available. This furry creation was one of our first shoulder bags and does not showcase a toothy face currently. It has been handled lightly and shown at events, never used, which is why it is in like-new condition. 

Medium Beastlies Bag in Silky White (no face) - Only One Available
SALE - 30% OFF
600 DKK $95 USD
Wine Guzzlers

We have 3 Guzzler monster bags in stock, left over from our Christmas Market Sale. These furry, drink guzzling monsters will lead to interesting conversations at any get together. Carry your wine bottle to the next holiday party in style or bring a bottle of water to your next family picnic. Mouth is actually a pocket to hold your bottle lid or corkscrew. Fits a standard wine bottle.

250 DKK $ 40 USD