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Gami - Mix 'n Match Monsters

Meet Gami. This little monster is always hungry for stuff, from dice and cards, to pens and toys - he loves to keep track of small items for you. Gami is made of solid or multi-colored, bright fuzzy faux fur. When you select the Gami style bag, you pick the base color from our color selections, select a colored tongue, and select the size and color of eyes. See below for tongue and eye options.  
Gami comes with both shark style teeth like Yeti, or dagger style like Squatch. If you have a preference, please specify, otherwise this will be randomly selected for you.
Medium (blue pictured above) 300 DKK  
Small *(orange pictured above) 280 DKK  
 - see Ordering page for details on taxes    
Select a monster color:
Red Fur, Long Fluffy
Bright Orange Fur, Long Fluffy
Bright Orange
Red and Yellow Fur, Long Fluffy
Red and Yellow
Golden Yellow Fur, Long Fluffy
Golden Yellow
Bright Green Fur, Long Fluffy
Bright Green
Blue Fur, Long Fluffy
Lavender Faux Fur
Pink Faux Fur Pink 
Rainbow Faux Fur
Blue and White Fur, Long Fluffy
Blue and White
Red White and Blue Fur, Long Fluffy
Red White & Dark Blue
Black Frosted Fur, Long FluffyBlack Frosted
Select tongue color from the following options:
Light Pink Tongue Fabric Red Tongue Fabric Orange Tongue Fabric Yellow Tongue Fabric Lime Green Tongue Fabric Royal Blue Tongue Fabric Purple Tongue Fabric
*Small Gami monsters have small sewn in tongues.  Default color is red, but can be ordered with any other color above.  
Pick eyes from the following options:
24mm eyes available in red, blue, olive green, or yellow eyes. 
24mm Red Eyes 24mm Yellow/Gold Eyes 24mm Olive Green Eyes 24mm Blue Eyes
30mm* available in brown, red, blue, or yellow eyes.
30mm Brown Eyes 30mm Blue Eyes 30mm Yellow/Gold Eyes 30mm Red Eyes
* Not available for Small Gami, due to length of safety rod extending into bag.

Some eye colors are in limited supply or may change over time depending on our supplier. This list will be updated if colors are no longer available or new colors are added.