Our Products / Kawaii (J-Pop!!)


We've designed a whole new line of adorable items for the Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Conventions!  From July 22-24th, you'll find us at Genki in the Expo Hall.  If you see something at our table that is not listed here, just contact us!  We either have sold out or haven't had a chance to get it posted yet.  We can also do custom orders and designs - use our Contact Form and we'll be happy to help you!
All rectangular designs (Panda, Bunny, etc.) have the following dimensions:  
23 cm H x 19 cm W
Panda San
(Mr. Panda)
350 DKK
Pika Panda San Purse
Pika Panda San
(Mr. Pika Panda)
350 DKK
Blue Panda San
(Mr. Blue Panda)
350 DKK
Tanoshi-ge San Purse
Tanoshi-ge San
(Ms. Happy)
350 DKK
Small Gray Neko San Purse
Neko San - Small
(Ms. Kitty)
350 DKK 
Large Blue Neko San Purse
Neko San - Large
(Ms. Kitty)
450 DKK 
 Yeti San Purse
Yeti San  
(Mr. Yeti)
450 DKK
Usagi San
(Mr. Bunny)
350 DKK 
Hokkyoku Guma San
(Mr. Polar Bear)
350 DKK